Introducing the Campsite Spotlight!

Remember several weeks back when we did that little survey to learn more about what you all are interested in reading here at The Touring Camper? Well, one of the things we gleaned from your responses is that y’all really like the campground reviews … but only if the campgrounds are in your neck of the woods. Our wonderful readers are scattered throughout the U.S. (with some even around the world), but thus far we’ve only been able to travel to a few corners of our great country.

We’ve also had people email us from time to time to tell us about a great campground they think we should check out. But alas, we never seem to have enough time to explore all the amazing suggestions we receive, and it seems a shame not to spread the word to other campers.

So we are excited to be launching a new feature here at The Touring Camper that we hope will solve both of these dilemmas: the Campsite Spotlight!

The Campsite Spotlight will be a way for The Touring Camper community to share with other readers about their favorite places to camp. Rather than a full-fledged campground review like we feature from our travels, the Campsite Spotlight will provide a briefer synopsis of the campground, showcasing the highlights of the spot and why it is that reader’s favorite place to gather around a campfire.

We envision the Campsite Spotlight becoming a fun way to introduce readers to new places they can’t wait to add to their camping and touring bucket lists. And we are excited to learn more about the places you all love–so maybe one day we’ll have a chance to camp there too!

So how about it: Do you have a favorite campground that you would love to share with The Touring Camper community? If so, you can head over to the Google form here.

Through the form you’ll need to answer a few questions about the campground and then email us two photos (or more if you want). We’ll review the submissions and yours could possibly appear in a future Campsite Spotlight feature post. Plus, if we use your submission, we’ll put an official Touring Camper sticker in the mail to you as our way of saying “thank you” for sharing.

Questions? Feel free to drop us a line over here. We can’t wait to see what you all have to share! Happy camping!

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