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A year ago we launched this monthly ministry feature at The Touring Camper to highlight ways campers, RVers, hikers, backpackers, or outdoor enthusiasts can get involved in service opportunities and give back to their communities. This month we are spotlighting the Motorhome Ministry, an outreach we stumbled across while camping at Mustang Island State Park in Corpus Christi, Texas. Founders Larry and Lugene Hammond shared a little bit about how the program began and what this RV ministry is all about:

What is the Motorhome ministry?

The MotorHome Ministry is an outreach that seeks to share the good news of the Bible with children and their families at campgrounds across North America.

Tell me a little bit about the history of Motorhome Ministry; when and why did you start it? Larry taught with the Good News Club for seven years, and he would ask the kids about Noah, Adam & Eve, Moses, Jonah, Jesus’ parables–but they didn’t know what he was talking about. … Larry, did some research and found out 28 million kids have never even been in a church, and this was just in America! So, Larry prayed … and the rest is history. We sold everything we owned from 40 plus years of marriage, trusted in Him, and hit the road for a three-year plan across North America. So far we’ve traveled to 27 states and covered 15,000 miles. In 2017 we plan to cover about 18,000 miles and 21 more states plus Canada.

Where do you work and serve? We are traveling through all of North America, mostly to national and state parks. Families and parents will take kids to parks for “vacations” but many don’t or won’t take them to church, so we are trying to reach them where they are.

Your primary ministry is to children: Can you share with our readers about how you minister at the campgrounds? We found out that teaching and getting kids together in a group session offended some people and campground managers. We were kicked out and banned [from some places] because of what we are doing. So we put together packets to give out to the kids (see picture below). The packets also have a letter to parents about teaching their kids about the Bible.

We NEVER force ourselves on anyone. We let them come to us and we try to ease into the conversations about God, Bible, the church, and religion. … Although this is a kids’ ministry, I am guessing we have planted seeds in the hearts of adults as well. It gets them thinking about life and what is important and what they are doing for Him.

Are you looking for volunteers? If so, how can people get involved and what areas could they help? We are always looking for help, from financial support to people who can help. Anyone can do what we are doing: You just have to love God, talking about Him, and kids!

Can you share a highlight or special moment from the work Motorhome Ministry did this past year? In Utah’s Capital Reef National Park, there were two little girls in wheelchairs (about 8 or 9 years old) and Lugene could tell they saw the packets hanging on the motorhome and read the banner but couldn’t get to us because of the uneven ground between us and them. So she got some packets and handed them out to the girls and other kids around them: The kids were so happy and excited. We watched them at a picnic table reading and digging into their packets. It was like Christmas in the summer time at the campground, right there in the middle of the national park. The seeds were planted and the parents came out of their campers and thanked us!

Is there anything else you would like to highlight about the Motorhome Ministry? We are in the process of writing a book about our travels with stories that reference the Bible. We hope the reader will be able to relate more to the Bible as they relate to our stories. It will be a four-part series of books with the first one coming out on Amazon in March. Other parts will be
available as we finish them. Hopefully the books will generate funds to keep us on the road
for Him. It costs about $2,500- $3,000 a month to be on the road and then there is the cost of the materials we give out through the MotorHome Ministry. … We never know how the seeds planted grow, but we know we are doing what He wants us to do. … We trust in Him to give us what we need.

Want to learn more?

To read more about Larry and Lugene’s MotorHome Ministry, visit their websites:

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