About Us

Greetings from our home base in western Pennsylvania! If you are here, you must love camping, RVing, and travel as much as we do! We are so glad you stopped by and we’d like to take a minute to introduce ourselves.


We’re Jarrett and Kristin, two 30-something college sweethearts living the American dream as an educator and writer. While Jarrett grew up camping in a motorhome and tents, Kristin’s family only roughed it at a motel. The gift of a tiny pop-up camper for our wedding, along with some basic camping gear, launched us as a young-married couple into the camping and RVing world. Twelve years later we have since sold that pop-up and upgraded to a bunkhouse travel trailer that has provided more opportunities for us to travel and see our amazing country.

Jarrett and Kristin from The Touring Camper

Our Family

As the years have progressed, our family grew to include three kiddos–Sweet Pea, Flash, and Dash, whom we formerly called our little Tornado (these all being their nicknames of course). Our dogs Olive, a Goldendoodle, and Sydney, a Golden Retriever, are constant companions on our travels. (Update: It’s with great sadness that we share our beloved Sydney has passed away.)


Our Vision

While we love to slow down and gather the family around a campfire, we also can’t sit still for long. We like to explore the regions we visit–scoping out famous spots and hidden treasures. The Touring Camper was born from our desire to find an online resource that combined detailed information about campgrounds with ideas for touring around the country. Although we have always kept information and pictures on the campgrounds we stayed at, since starting The Touring Camper we are keeping much more detailed records and taking a ton more pictures in order to provide you with the best information on campgrounds and regional touring (see more on this at About Campground Reviews).

Our Invitation

We love to camp and tour, and we plan to do a lot more of it in the coming years. We invite you to join us in our search for adventure on and off the beaten path as we review places to camp and highlight the awesome places we visit! Along the way we’ll also feature lots of additional camping tips–from camping cuisine and camper modifications, to monthly spotlights on RV ministries and camper-in-training tutorials. So grab your beverage of choice and come hang out with us for awhile. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll cross paths at the campground!

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